Tuesday, October 7, 2008


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I've recently rediscovered my love of sewing. There are LOTS of great patterns out there for those of us who LOVE to create things. It's kind of a lost art, but when you think about, how did most of our favorite designers start out? By sewing, of course!

I'm currently in the middle of making my Halloween costume. It's a doozy. I got a vintage Singer sewing machine from my in-laws and it's awesome, but I've only sewn a few simple things and right now I'm trying to figure out the art of "gathering" with elastic. Yikes!

Do any of you guys sew? Got any tips for beginners like me?

Happy Shopping (or sewing...)!

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Monday, October 6, 2008

I need ideas!

Hey Everyone! Just to let you know amiclubwear.com is having some awesome sales on cute shoes, boots, and Halloween costumes. Oh, and any order over $50 gets free shipping! Can't beat that! They have some great red bottom shoes and boots that look like Christian Louboutins, but don't include the Louboutin price tag =)

I like to bestow my latest and greatest fashion finds so that everyone can share in the good fortune. My most recent find? A great bamboo skinny scarf from World Market. I know what you're thinking, "Did she just say a bamboo scarf? Bamboo is wood..." Yes I know! Bamboo is some of the hardest wood ever used in construction, but the great thing about it is, when the individual threads are somehow spun into cloth, it is one of the softest cloths that I myself have ever encountered. And the best thing? This scarf only cost me $7.00, and that's not even on sale!

Today, though, I need some advice from you:

My hubby and I want to change one of our 2 guest rooms into a media room so we can get our TV out of our formal living room. Have any of you guys ever done this before? What worked and what didn't? Any great frugal ideas?

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


As we've discussed before, accessories can make any outfit look like a million bucks. Want to shake things up? Wear long dangly earrings with your cutest swimsuit to the pool. Grab a cute pair of fun patterned tights at Forever 21 and wear them with a black dress and cute heels. Sound a little out there? It's the reverse idea from the pretty top/plain leggings look. Here's an example from my own closet:

I found these leggings at Forever 21 in my local mall, but it was the last pair, so if you like this look, you better hurry!

Another great way to change up an outfit is to grab a cute scarf and throw it on with your plain T-shirt and jeans, it adds instant flair!

Have any great accessory ideas? Share! Leave a comment for us all to see.

Happy shopping!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Coats anyone?

If you truly love fashion, you know that an outfit can be made with a few good accessories and unique touches. One of my other favorites about Fall and Winter are coats! Any woman (or man for that matter) can really benefit from a well made coat. The most popular brand for a good trench coat is, of course, Burberry. Why? Because Thomas Burberry was the creator of the modern trench coat. Now, as GORGEOUS as their coats are, their prices START at $695. If you really really want a genuine Burberry and you've saved up the money and it's truly worth it to you, then go for it, a Burberry will last you forever. But if you do decide to drop that kind of money on a coat, make sure it's a classic style you can wear for years, not a trendy style.

Here's some options for both trendy and classic styles that don't cost anywhere near $695.

Below is a link for a really cute Herringbone Cape from Chadwicks, it's a great price and very stylish. Notice the leather gloves, gloves like this can be found pretty easily at your local Ross or Marshalls for a good price.

Herringbone Cape

This is another option from Chadwicks that's a little more pricey, but will really punch a statement. For a bolder look, try the poppy red. Want to be more classic? It comes in black as well. One great thing about Chadwicks Online is they have a wide variety of sizes and colors, including petites.

Envelope Collar Coat

One more trendy, cheaper option is this cute plaid coat from Overstock.com. This particular cut is not meant to hug close to your body but rather look more like a cape.

Plaid Double Breasted Coat

I found a beautiful camel colored, mid-calf length fully-lined wool coat at a vintage shop for $20 the other day, so remember to peruse the vintage or thrift stores in your own area. Make sure you wash (or dry clean) before you wear, and, as always...

Happy Shopping!

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Autumn...

Ahh, fall. I love Autumn. You know why? Yes, the leaves are lovely and Thanksgiving is fun but my true excitement lies in the release of the newest styles of BOOTS!!!

Now, boots can be a costly investment and a good pair of boots can cost you quite a lot. While I like to go to place like Charlotte Russe or Forever XXI to buy the trendy boots, I've discovered a few online stores that have great prices as well.

The first is Cutesygirl.com, this site is one of my personal favorites. You can sign up for email coupons and they have everything from shoes, to clothes, to accessories. Their prices range anywhere from $100 to $10, depending on the style and the sizes they have. You have to figure in shipping costs, but with a good coupon, you can save a lot of money and enjoy more selection.

A recent discovery I've made is a site called EnvyMeForever.com. I bought a pair of Anne Michelle boots for $62 including shipping and they're AWESOME. Now remember, when buying boots online, you can't try them on, so I usually order a half size larger than my normal size to ensure a good fit, especially if you'll be wearing socks during the colder winter months.

If you really don't want to sacrifice quality, a good place to go is Bakers Shoes (bakersshoes.com). They're a little more pricey, a good pair of boots costing anywhere from $100 to over $200, but they're still fair prices for great styles and quality materials. (Oh, and they're having a sale for $20 certain boots right now! Hurry!!!!)

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comment forum.

Happy shopping!

Ready...get set...GO!!!!

If you found this blog, you're probably a lot like me. You L-O-V-E fashion, but you can't just drop $200 on a pair of boots that will only look good for one season. If this blog is for you, then you might enjoy some of the following activities:

1. Shopping.
2. Reading fashion and gossip magazines to get ideas for cute outfits.
3. Shopping some more.
4. Eating.
5. Sleeping.
6. Shopping!

With the way the economy seems to be going these days, every one is concerned with saving money. Whether that be on their car or house payments, their electric bill, or just day to day expenses, I have yet to meet someone that doesn't enjoy saving a buck or two. I've started this blog to help other women like me, living on modest incomes, still look and feel like $1,000,000 bucks. Or $700,000,000,000 for that matter. I'll concentrate mostly on fashion, but I might throw in a few hints about other savings I've discovered along the way.

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Happy Shopping!